Technical Partnership

Many NGOs in India are working on development issues for bringing a sustainable change in the society. Programs based on education, skill development and other social development issues require expertise, knowledge and skills to be designed and implemented. The social sector projects when implemented with relevant expertise and experience lead to attainment of results and higher return of investment thus adding on credibility of the organization.

We provide technical expertise to non-profit organizations to implement programs based on education and skill development in terms of academics, curriculum, capacity building and measurement of results

Capacity building and training for education projects to project staff, teachers, education functionaries in terms of:

•Training of teachers to teach primary and secondary school subjects (Hindi, English, Maths, EVS, Science) with activity based approach.

•Training to provide quality services and teaching and learning process in the ECCE centres or preschools

•Effective School Leadership training for school heads and administrative education officials for better school management and governance.

•Training to teach children with disabilities in a regular classroom- identifying children with disabilities, curriculum modification and adaptations as per the disability, teaching strategies, adapting physical and social environment of school, providing psycho-social support.

Curriculum development in Education

• Development of accelerated learning course for preparing out of school children for mainstreaming in the regular school

•Development of bridge course for children in schools to help achieve class appropriate learning indicators

Skill Development

• Development of curriculum and training module for retail, hospitality and entrepreneurship skill training to youth.

•Provide skill trainings in the area of retail, hospitality and entrepreneurship

Monitoring and Evaluation

• Developing monitoring and evaluation plans, preparing and testing formats and their execution

•Developing logical frameworks of projects and monitoring results.

•Conducting impact evaluations or baseline and endline assessments.