Training in Education

BrighterMe is committed towards building capacities and providing professional development opportunities to teachers and school functionaries to enhance quality of education.

As various surveys and researches on learning outcomes in India show that a majority of children need immediate help in acquiring foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. The reason for these poor learning outcomes are many. The teachers are poorly prepared through pre-service training to handle a class of diverse learners. The teaching methodology is mostly based chalk and talk and is lecture based rather than activity based, interactive approach. The style of teaching is not student centric catering to the individual needs and levels of students.

Through training and capacity building of teachers, we hope to contribute to improvement in quality of education being provided to children.

The teacher training provided by our organization is part of a complete cycle which involves identifying teachers for training, conducting training need analysis, designing the need based curriculum and training module, conducting training sessions, follow up in the classroom situation, providing on-site support to teachers and assessing the impact through tracking the changes in teaching and learning practices.

The organization provides training to teachers and school functionaries on the following themes:

•  Teaching primary and secondary school subjects (Hindi, English, Maths, EVS, Science) with activity based approach.

•  Teaching with visual and performing arts like art and craft, dance, music, drama and story-telling with utilization of low cost locally available material.

•  Providing quality services and teaching and learning process in the ECCE centres or preschools.

•  Effective School Leadership for school heads and administrative education officials for better school management and governance.

•  Teaching children with disabilities in a regular classroom- identifying children with disabilities, curriculum modification and adaptations as per the disability, teaching strategies, adapting physical and social environment of school, providing psycho-social support.

These training help teachers to create a child friendly environment and teach in engaging ways. The training offered includes plethora of group activities, demonstrations, self-directed learning, project work and equips the teachers to integrate theoretical ideas and constructs with practical activities and experiences. The teaching learning process followed in the training is demonstrated in the adjacent figure. The training emphasizes on the practical application of concepts in real time scenario rather than just learning them in the classroom situation.

The duration of the training is customized on the basis of needs of the trainee group or organization. Also, training curriculum is created on the basis of the need assessment conducted by our team.